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Innovative Filtrex™ Techno Engineering India Private Limited. A promising manufacturer of high efficiency Filtration, Separation, Purification Products and Equipment’s as well as Discover cutting-edge solutions and manufacturing for Hydrogen Fuel Cells for industries worldwide through Science and Technology.

Why Innovative Filtrex™ ?

Are you seeking cutting-edge Filtration, Separation, Purification, and Hydrogen Fuel Cells? Look no further. Innovative Filtrex™ stands as a leader in designing, engineering, and manufacturing turnkey solutions for global clients. Our focus? Crafting environmentally friendly equipment, filters, and purification systems for liquid, air, gas, and water treatment.

We serve diverse industries, from Pharmaceuticals to Oil & Gas, using science and technology to revolutionize fluid separation and filtration. Join us in creating cleaner, more efficient processes that drive industries forward.

Who we are?

At INNOVATIVE FILTREX™, we pioneer Design, Process Engineering, and Integrated Manufacturing.

Our Focus : Innovative turnkey solutions for Filtration, Separation, Purification and Hydrogen Fuel Cells worldwide. We design eco-friendly Equipment, Filters, and Machines for Liquid, Air, Gas, Process Fluid, Water & Waste Water treatment, and advanced Membrane purification.

Across industries like Paints & Coating, Oil & Gas, Pharmaceutical, Biotech, Chemical, Petrochemicals, Automobiles, Electronics, and more, we’re the trusted partner for critical fluid separation and filtration. Quality is our core – products meet global standards, undergo stringent tests, and are precision-engineered in modern facilities.

Safety and customer satisfaction drive us. Advanced technology, secure packaging, and paid sampling ensure top-tier service. Join us in creating a cleaner, greener world through innovative filtration. Let’s build a sustainable future, together.

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