Beyond products, we offer a range of services, including installation, maintenance, and technical support.

We build your process Requirements

We provide a range of technical services focused on providing effective and efficient process solutions.

  • Field Services
  • Technical Support
  • Filter Cartridge Replacement
  • Product Optimization
  • Problem Shooting Consultation
  • Material Compatibility & Selection
  • Spare Parts Supply
  • Custom Product Stocking Program

Research & Development

Helping our customers create value includes a deep understanding of both filtration media & filtration processes. Our R&D facility has extensive quality testing equipment to help ensure our products perform to the highest standard, even in the most extreme environments.

  • Process Optimization
  • Filtration Feasibility
  • Solids Characterization
  • Material Compatibility
  • Element Dissection Analysis
  • Consultation in feed study prior to product release.


Technology, Design, Engineering & Manufacturing

We specialize in sustainable solutions for the Filtration, Separation, Purification and Fuel Cells industries. Our approach integrates meticulous research and the application of trusted, approved, and innovative technical solutions to elevate our clients’ unique requirements.

INNOVATIVE FILTREX™ manufactures a broad range of Filtration, Separation, Purification and Fuel Cells Products for a wide variety of industries including, but not limited to:


  • General Industrial
  • Oil & Gas Refineries
  • Power Generation
  • Chemicals & Petrochemicals
  • Food & Beverage, Pharmaceuticals
  • Mining/Metals/Minerals
  • Electronics
  • Automotive Manufacturing

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INNOVATIVE FILTREX™ has focused on understanding the specific filtration/separation needs of each of our expertise spans from traditional services including elements supply, spare parts, technical assistance, and filed service to the development of new technologies to improve reliability and performance of filtration / separation equipment.

As a leading filter manufacturer, INNOVATIVE FILTREX™ has built an advanced laboratory and research facility allowing us to conduct extensive filter development and evaluation. In addition, we maintain a very close association with our material and component suppliers to ensure that we benefit from the latest in filter media technology and we incorporated these into our continuous product development program. INNOVATIVE FILTREX™ is continually developing the latest in filtration/separation technologies ensuring our customers benefit from solutions that are constantly evolving and improving.

With decades of accumulated knowledge in replacement OEM cartridges, our experienced staff can quickly replace over 40,000 OEM element’s part numbers making us a one-source suppliers for your filtration/separation products and services can maintain and enhance operational performance.


INNOVATIVE FILTREX™ technical team provides filtration training classes to its distributors, representatives and customers. At INNOVATIVE FILTREX™, we feel it is not only important for our distributors to be knowledgeable of filtration principles and our products, we feel it is valuable to educate our end users. This is an important part of our partnership with our customers.

User Communities & Forums

Create online user communities or forums where customers can connect, share experiences, & seek advice from each other & company experts.

Product Integration Support

Assist customers in integrating your products with their existing systems or processes, ensuring a seamless transition.

Documentation & User Guides

Provide comprehensive documentation & user guides to help customers with product installation, maintenance, & troubleshooting.

Regular Performance Audits

Perform regular performance audits on installed products to identify any potential issues & recommend improvements.

Warranty Services

Manage product warranties, ensuring that customers have access to repairs or replacements in case of defects or malfunctions.

Upgrades & Enhancements

Inform customers about available upgrades or enhancements for their products to improve performance or incorporate new features.

Customization Services

Provide customization options for products to meet specific customer requirements, and offer guidance on how to best configure the products for their unique needs.

Emergency Response

Offer 24/7 emergency response services for critical situations where immediate assistance is required.

Training Workshops

Conduct training workshops for customers to educate them about proper product usage, maintenance best practices, and troubleshooting techniques.

Remote Technical Assistance

Provide remote technical support through video calls, chat, or phone to guide customers through troubleshooting steps or to address any questions they have.

On-Site Troubleshooting

Send technical experts to customer locations to diagnose and resolve any technical problems or issues that may arise.

Technical Support Hotline

Set up a dedicated technical support hotline that customers can call to receive assistance with any issues they encounter while using your products.

Maintenance Plans

Offer regular maintenance plans to help customers keep their products in optimal condition. This could include scheduled inspections, cleaning, and replacement of parts as needed.

Installation Services

Provide professional installation services for our products, ensuring that they are correctly set up and optimized for the customer’s specific needs.

By offering these services, our company can ensure that customers not only have access to high-quality products but also receive the support and assistance they need to make the most of their purchases and maintain long-term satisfaction.