Stack Filter Modules / Lenticular Filter Modules

Lenticular Filter

Innovative FiltrexTM Depth filter modules designed for use in closed systems, combined with a simple and safe handling. The efficiency of this filter material is improved by additional electrokinetic forces (Zeta potential). Thereby particles are retained, which are smaller than the actual pore size of the mechanical filter matrix. The mechanism ensures excellent filtration quality and high holding capacity up to 4 kg / m2. The modules are available double open end (flat adapter) or with bayonet adaptor.

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Carbon Lenticular Filter Modules

Carbon Lenticular Filter has activated carbon fiber in the filter based on the standard lenticular filter.


  • Removing dissociative chlorine and volatiles organic compounds (VOC) in solution
  • Oil and aromatic series in solution
  • Remove smell, odor, organic pigment
  • Remove metal ion


  • No need to do pre wetting before filtration
  • Excellent chemical compatibility
  • Absolute filtration efficiency
  • 100% integrity tested and material
  • Meets FDA requirements

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Filter Pads / Sheets

Filter Pads / Sheets with excellent clarification  performance for reliable  removal  from particles to microorganisms due  to optimal pore structure and adsorption.

Depth filter Pads / sheet’s standard range meets demanding liquid filtration requirements. The product’s standard range seamlessly covers retention grades between 0.1 and 0.2 µm.

Material of Filters Pads / Sheets

  • Cleaned and bleached cellulose, Cationic wet strength agent Natural filter aid (kieselgur, , perlite, Diatoms Earth )

Customized Supply

  • All paper sheets are available to fit any filter press sizes and types folded or single sheets
  • Sizes between 10 x1 0 cm to 130 x 300cm
  • Square or round
  • Punch holes
  • Special customary size

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