Oct 25, 2023

Syringe Filters


Syringe Filters are high quality filters, well packaged, and offered at a competitive price. The classic range is available  with membranes including Nylon, PTFE, PES,MCE and PVDF, which are supplied in 13mm, 25mm formats  in virgin medical polypropylene housings.


  • Application compatibility : Broad range of filtration media meets diverse  applications needs.
  • Minimum sample hold-up : Syringe Filters housings are specifically designed to maximize sample recovery.
  • Convenient : Each  unit is clearly marked with an identifying code to denote pore size, membrane material.
  • Sterile : Filters can be purchased pre-sterilized by Gamma radiation and individually packaged.


  • HPLC sample preparation
  • Routine  QC analysis
  • Content uniformity
  • Food  analysis
  • Removal of protein precipitates
  • Dissolution testing
  • Food  analysis
  • Biofuel analysis

  • Environmental samples
  • HPLC certification which guarantees the filters will not produce extraneous peaks  in the UV range.
  • 100% integrity  tested with higher  burst  strength ratings  assuring they will perform consistently
  • Available in 13 and 25mm sizes and available  in steriled too.
  • 0.45µm for most  clarification  applications and 0.22 µm when fine particulate removal  is required.   Other pore sizes are available  in 0.8µm – 5µm.