Oct 28, 2023

Catalyst / Carbon Recovery Systems


Catalyst Recovery Filter for polishing and removing solids, activated carbon and catalyst from reaction mixtures and also hydrogenation reactions. The solids are either remove from the fluid streams or re slurry and send them back to the system. The solids can be obtained in slurries with 30 – 40% moisture or with the help of dip pipes in the candle filter, catalyst with 10-15% moisture can be obtained.

INNOVATIVE FILTREX Sintered Metal Filters uses outside-in filtration for filtering precious metal catalysts in hydrogenation reactions. The candles are back washable and regain original flux after every batch. The mechanism is either to remove the catalyst from fluid streams and filter with zero-holdup recovering all the chemicals or re-slurry and send them back to the reactor.

INNOVATIVE FILTREXFeatures & Benefits :

  • Absolute Filtration : Clear Liquid after filtration – NO recirculation of the liquid required
  • Sintered Powder media
  • No Loss of precious metal Catalyst – improvement in recovery. Savings for companies
  • Closed system: Helps reduce operator exposure to hazardous materials, and extends catalyst life for active catalysts like Pt, Pd, Ni , Rh, Ra-Ni etc.

Operation Terminology :
Innovative Filtrex system consists of a number of equally sized pressure vessels each containing membrane metal filter elements arranged on a tube sheet or headers. The vessel performs the specific functions of filtration, in-situ reverse flow, gas assisted discharge of collected catalyst and when required, an in-situ soak to re-slurry the catalyst if required.

The mechanism of filtration is a direct interception of catalyst particles on the surface of the Imported Sintered membrane metal filter. The cake builds up from 3 mm to 25 mm depending on the type of catalyst being used. The cake resistance of different catalysts can also vary with operating conditions like viscosity of the liquids, density, temperature, pH etc.

The ZERO HOLDUP bottom design for Batch operations and when the catalyst is to be sent for regeneration after every batch, ensures that complete liquid is removed from the vessel and zero holdup is maintained. This is very important for API / Chemicals manufacturing where GMP does not allow mixing of batches nor any liquid holdup is allowed.

At the end of each filter cycle, solids are backwashed off the inside of the elements and discharged as a concentrated slurry to send back to reactor or collected as wet cake in collection vessels.

Typical schematic diagram for reference purpose only.

Catalyst Sintered Powder Metal Seamless Cartridge Filter Specification :

  • Sintered Powder Media of filter: SS 304 / 316L, Inconel, Hastelloy, Monel,
  • Operating Temperature: 100 degree Celsius
  • Particle Removal Ratings: 0.1 – 10 Micron
  • Available Candle Dimensions: 2.5-inch OD , length- 10, 20, 30, 40 inch
  • End Connection: As per Customer requirement
  • Extremely robust construction
  • Smooth surface finish
  • Self-supporting construction eliminating the need for additional hardware
  • Broad range of fixed, uniform pore sizes
  • Ability to withstand varying process conditions