Oct 28, 2023

Filter Pads / Sheets


Filter Pads / Sheets with excellent clarification  performance for reliable  removal  from particles to microorganisms due  to optimal pore structure and adsorption.

Depth filter Pads / sheet’s standard range meets demanding liquid filtration requirements. The product’s standard range seamlessly covers retention grades between 0.1 and 0.2 µm.

Material of Filters Pads / Sheets

  • Cleaned and bleached cellulose, Cationic wet strength agent Natural filter aid (kieselgur, , perlite, Diatoms Earth )

Customized Supply

  • All paper sheets are available to fit any filter press sizes and types folded or single sheets
  • Sizes between 10 x1 0 cm to 130 x 300cm
  • Square or round
  • Punch holes
  • Special customary size