Oct 28, 2023

Microfiltration Ceramic membranes & Filters


Ceramic membranes represent a revolutionary filtration technology, which meets many end -user demands todays as well as the future by providing current & future compliance of environmental regulations as well as sustainable productions. In addition to fighting the global problem of clean water by enabling water reuse, recycling, & recovery , ceramic membranes contribute to low energy consumption & small foot print.

Ceramic membranes can be used for the separation of single gases from gas mixtures or in membrane reactors.

INNOVATIVE FILTREX™ is proud to introduce Lab Scale, Pilot, Packaged, Mobile, Tailor-Made Process & Non-Water Process units with state of the art, in-house developed Ceramic Membranes with complete design & engineering, system integration in collaboration with other world class technology providers for multiple applications & multiple industries.

  • Process Water Applications
  • Sugar & Alcohol Applications
  • Metal Industry
  • Biofuels
  • Dextrose Purification
  • Sludge Treatment


  • All Ranges in Ceramic Membranes (Microfiltration (0.8; 0.45; 0.2, 0.1 micrometer), Ultrafiltration (0.05; 0.01; 0.008 micrometer) and Nanofiltration (up to 0.5nm)
  • Tubular Membranes
  • Integrated Membranes Systems with MF/UF/NF/RO
  • Main components on the skids consists of membrane modules, feed tank, centrifugal/dosing pump, instruments, back flush tank, CIP unit, control panel, valves, piping.
  • Material of construction like SS304, SS316/316L, Titanium, FRP, UPVC, CPVC
  • Material of seals like EPDM, Fluoro Rubber, Silicon