Technical Resource

INNOVATIVE FILTREX™ has a wide portfolio of filtration, Separation, Purification, and Fuel cells components and systems.
Filter housings and filter cartridges for filtration applications in the chemical & petrochemical, oil and gas, biotech, pharmaceutical, paints & coatings industry across gas processing, more technical details will submit on request through based on applications.

Whether you need to remove contaminants to improve process streams, or protect critical downstream equipment, product recovery by using of process polymer membranes and we leverage our broad range of filtration and separation solutions to deliver the right solution based on your needs while improving process efficiency and overall business performance.

Sub-optimal filtration can result in lost productivity and quality, significant maintenance costs, or unplanned downtime of your operations. Our approach to filtration is to review the whole process and use feed analysis where needed to recommend the right filtration solution for your process.

Explore the application range Innovative Filtrex will help and guide for each application with suitable products.

More details and case studies we will provide you on specific application request.

INNOVATIVE FILTREX™ technical team provides filtration training classes to its distributors, representatives and customers. At INNOVATIVE FILTREX™ , we feel it is not only important for our distributors to be knowledgeable of filtration principles and our products, we feel it is valuable to educate our end users. This is an important part of our partnership with our customers

  • Installation Services

    Provide professional installation services for our products, ensuring that they are correctly set up and optimized for the customer’s specific needs.

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  • Maintenance Plans

    Offer regular maintenance plans to help customers keep their products in optimal condition. This could include scheduled inspections, cleaning, and replacement of parts as needed.

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